Postpartum Care

Compassionate Postpartum Care

The first few weeks after pregnancy can be a time of great adjustment, both physically and emotionally. As a leading provider of obstetrical care for women in Yavapai County, AZ, Women's Medical Center provides compassionate, skilled postpartum care for women during the weeks following pregnancy, helping them adjust to their post-pregnancy state and avoid depression and other issues.

Postpartum Care Q & A

What is postpartum care?

The postpartum period is usually considered to be the six-week period following delivery, and like pregnancy, it's a time of great hormonal fluctuations and significant changes as the body adjusts to its non-pregnant state. Postpartum care includes all the steps a woman should take to care for herself physically and emotionally, as well as guidance regarding what to expect as her body readjusts.

What should I do to stay healthy during the postpartum period?

Getting plenty of rest, eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of fluids, especially if breastfeeding, are critically important during the first few weeks after pregnancy as your body readjusts to its non-pregnant state and recovers from delivery. It's also important to follow the doctor's directions regarding caring for the episiotomy site and dealing with cramping and post-pregnancy bleeding. Be on guard for any signs of infection like a fever or chills, and call the office at the first sign of illness or if feelings of sadness, hopelessness, or anxiety begin to surface.

What is postpartum depression?

When a woman becomes pregnant, she experiences major hormonal changes as her body adjusts to supporting the needs of the developing baby. These hormonal changes occur relatively slowly over the nine-month gestation period; even so, most women find themselves more “emotional” during pregnancy as a result of hormonal shifts. Once the baby has been delivered, the return to normal pre-pregnancy hormone levels occurs much more rapidly, and combined with the lack of sleep and other demands of new motherhood, women can become emotionally drained and sometimes very depressed. This is postpartum depression, and although it typically resolves as the body adjusts, it can be very serious. Women's Medical Care is skilled in helping women deal with postpartum depression and other emotional issues that follow pregnancy, and women are advised to seek care at the first sign of symptoms, including feelings of sadness or of being overwhelmed or anxious.